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 » History

This section is about the history of the EP paper cars, about the beginnings and improvements of EP paper modelling from prehistoric to contemporary paper times.

 » Early Paperwork - 2000

The very first EP paper cars emerged from paper in the form of very simple truck models. These were used in a model train layout to carry the inhabitants around. The trucks - drawn in Paint Shop Pro - were hollow and had no wheels or other separate components.

The first solid model appeared. Instead of having air inside, this prehistorical model had a plasticine structure, to make it solid. This paper model reproduced a 3D model from the '97 game Redneck Rampage, a wrecked classic Cadillac convertible from the junkyard. This model lasted for about three years before being destroyed.

Another solid model of a 3D car from the same game. This time, the American pickup truck that kills the chickens on the road in the first level. This model lasted for a much shorter period of time than the previous one.

 » Game Car Models - 2001

After seeing a VW New Beetle in a Discovery Channel program, I've made a scale model of this car, taking the needed pictures from a car game. The first realistic model was born. It was the first named model, as the ones before were just "models which looked like... some model".

A 2000 Ford Mustang GT from the same game - Midtown Madness - was made short after the Beetle.

Many paper "experiments" were led, to see how different cars would look on and in paper. A few buses were built as simple, hollow models.

 » Photorealism - 2002

The first photorealistic model was made, in the shape of an Audi A4. Some other game cars were also made, including VW Sharan, VW Golf III. Due to the lack of useful car photos, most of the models built in 2002 were game models, that were not very realistic.

Near the end of the year, the Mercedes E-Class put an end once and for all to the game models. After that only photo-based models were assembled.

The first trailer truck was made, in the shape of an Iveco Stralis. No real wheels, paper and tape model, but a first.

 » The Beginning of the Paper Age - 2003

The year 2003 meant an explosion of EP paper models, with much more models made compared to the previous years. The first real convertible was made (The very first model was also a convertible, but without the interior being made), with dashboard, seats, etc.

The first modern coach was assembled, featuring rear view mirrors, transparent windows and firm - modelling clay - wheels.

The first and only paper locomotive was also built, a model from the game Trainz.

 » Quality Improvements - 2004

A new quality standard was reached. All car models had complete wheels, not pseudo-wheels as before.

Four large, high-quality models were built: two (MAN and Neoplan, respectively) busses and two top-of-the-range coaches (the Volvo 9700 and MAN Lion's Star).

November 26th: the site is finally (thank God) on-line, after many remakes from scratch.

In total, a few dozen high-quality car models were made this year.

 » Present Time - 2005

No more oily plasticine! We started using a new, unbeatable material: polystyrene.

We set up a new "record", in the time needed to build a paper model, from photos, through computer designing, to a concrete, physical model. The designing and assembly of the Mercedes Axor truck lasted for a total of 12 complete hours, divided between three days. Designing on the computer, and assembling a regular paper model takes about one hour, two at most.

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