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Date: 14 Nov 2004 | Views: 899 | Other articles | Archive

About the site

The EP Cars site is your place to visit if you¡¯re intrested in paper model cars. It contains over 130 of the latest European and American car models, that you can freely download to your computer.

The models can be printed in any scale you wish (the only limitation being the amount of paper and ink you want to use), but we recommend printing the car models in a scale varying from 1/200 to 1/87. The car models can be used to enliven your model layout (such as a model town, a model train layout, etc.).

To turn the site¡¯s virtual content (the flat model images) into reality you will need a high-quality color printer (usually inkjet or laser), 160+ g/sq m paper (about at least twice the thickness of regular office paper), scissors, paper cutter, a small polystyrene body, adhesive, and a bit (or more) of patience.

To view the models on this site, and to find out more about assembling them, go to the Car Models (Overview) section of the site.

About the author

As of when I started this site, I¡¯m a 18 year old student in Romania.

My favorite stuff:

  • Band: Bee Gees
  • Comedian: Benny Hill
  • Music channel: VH1 Europe
  • TV channel: Discovery Europe
  • TV show: Mythbusters [on Discovery Channel]

Note: Until when it came online, this site had been built from scratch on a PC having the following configuration: Pentium 150 MHz CPU, 16 MB RAM memory, 1 MB video memory, 1.2 GB hard drive, 20x CD-ROM, which was slightly updated to 166 MHz, 80 MB RAM, 2 MB video RAM, plus CD-RW. And that really was still an awful configuration, even for that time!... ;-) But even so, it helped me to make the models and the site!

EP Cars

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