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Frequently Asked Questions, that is. This section contains common questions about EP car modelling, as well as answers to them.

Q: Can I leave the interior of the models empty (i.e.: no solid body)
A: Sure. But it'll have zero resistance.

Q: How can I make the open models (convertibles & roadsters)?
A: Make two solid bodies (one for the front and another one for the rear), then glue the paper to them. Between the hood and trunk of the vehicle there will be a white gap.
Now cut the dark piece (the one that contains the dashboard and steering wheel) and fold its four sides towards the black side of the paper. Cut the seats, fold them, and glue them to the base of the black piece.
Glue the blank sides of this part, then place it in the gap of the vehicle. Fold the top part of the dashboard on the front solid body.
Cut a trapeziform piece out of a transparent plastic sheet, having the size of the windscreen opening, then glue it to the model using a strong adhesive.
If applicable, cut the small bar that includes the rear view mirror, and stick it to the top edge of the windscreen. Glue the wheels to the model.

Q: I have something to say. Is there a forum on this site?
A: Nope, it ain't. But we have a Guestbook that you can sign.

Q: Can I modify the models or use them on my site?
A: You can modify them for your own use. You can post them on your site as long as they are in the original form (as in here) and they're linked to

Q: What kind of models can I find on this site?
A: This site contains numerous new car models, especially passenger vehicles. Most of them are European models, but there are also multiple American ones. There are also mass transport vehicles (busses, coaches), cargo vehicles (vans, trucks) and motorcycles

Q: Can I order assembled models on-line?
A: No, you can't. This is not a commercial site if you haven't realised yet.

Q: Why aren't there any pictures of the paper models?
A: We would need a digital camera to take photos, and we currently don't have one. Hopefully we will have one in late May.

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