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» Polystyrene ¡ª New Support Material To Use For the Paper Models

Date: 10 Feb 2005 | Views: 366 | Other articles | Archive

If you read the ¡¯How To Build...¡¯ section of our site, you probably know that the support body of the paper models was recommended to be made out of plasticine. This material has some pros, but a lot of cons, including it¡¯s oily (yuk!), it¡¯s expensive (compared to other ressemblant materials) etc.

You would now expect me to introduce you to another material, that can be used to stick the paper to, whose pros include the cons of plasticine. You¡¯re absolutely right! Here it is: it¡¯s known as polystyrene (foam, not solid, form). It is light, cheap, easy to cut, binds easily to paper, and what is even more important, leaves no traces on the paper (oily, I mean). Unlike the plasticine, it cannot be molded, but can only be cut with a sharp tool. The only downside of this material, which is not really a bad thing, is the fact that it¡¯s ultra-light. Actually, it is 5% solid material, and 95%... air! That means your paper models will be as light as feathers...

The big question that arises is where on this planet can this material be found? Well, for instance, look in the papercard box of your TV, monitor, or of any other household devices. You can buy it as well in ¡¯do-it-yourself¡¯ stores (that have construction materials). From there, you can get a few square metres (a few inches/centimeters deep) at a bargain price. They¡¯re commonly used as thermal insulators, applied on the outer side of houses and buildings. Polystyrene is white, light, but resistant. Try it out!

And, besides that, two new car models have just been added to our database. These are:

  • Volkswagen Touran, the (European) Golf-based compact MPV, and
  • Nissan Murano, a state-of-the-art luxury SUV having a futuristic look.

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