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Date: 22 Mar 2009 | Views: 78 | Other articles | Archive

Due to bandwidth limitations, the site has been offline for about 5 months now. It took us some time to find a good (and free) host to move it to, and at this time we think it¡¯s the best choice we¡¯ve had (Update: we may be a bit wrong ;-).. ) However, now we have lots more bandwidth than ever before.

The new URL address of the site is

We are currently moving the redirections made by, ep- and, from the previous host (, to this new one here.

We are sorry for any inconvenience you may have had, due to EP Cars site being offline or inaccessible, and we hope you enjoy our site!

Best Wishes,
EP Cars Team

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EP Cars

23 October 2021, 20:31



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